Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code is to communicate to students and parents what is and is not considered appropriate in order to reduce missed class time when students have to change their clothing. Any clothing deemed inappropriate or disruptive by the school administrators will not be tolerated. If you are unsure, don’t wear it!

Please choose to wear clothing that is appropriate for weather conditions and will not create any distractions. The following articles of clothing are inappropriate for the school setting, and are not acceptable:

  • Shirts or pants exposing the midriff, bras or cleavage, tube tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, see-through tops
  • Pajamas (except on spirit days!)
  • Clothing with profanity, obscenities, violence, references to drugs or alcohol, or is sexually suggestive

Halters or oversize, loose-fitting tank tops

  • Hoods/hats need to be off at all times inside the classroom
  • Clothing with gang-related symbols or colors
  • Racially offensive messages
  • Bare feet, inappropriate shoes that can create a safety issue
  • Sagging pants / excessively baggy clothing
  • Clothing that is torn, has rips, or excessive holes in it.
  • Skirts/Shorts length: if you place your hands directly on the side of your body, the pair of shorts or skirt should be no shorter than the end of your fingertips
  • Makeup or dyed hair that becomes distracting to the learning process
  • No body writing or writing on clothes that becomes disruptive
  • Hats may be worn outside and are important for sun and weather protection. Students are expected to take hats off when entering any building. If a child is constantly reminded about following this rule, the hat may be confiscated and returned after the principal communicates with parents. Baseball caps must be worn with the bill forward.

Students failing to comply will be sent to the office and will be given the option to change into other clothes, call home for a change of clothing or remain in the office until a change of clothes is provided. Repeated violations will result in a disciplinary consequence.